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Do you like men in thong panties?

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

Why do people dont like men in thong?. I guess it’s because people are not habitual of seeing men in thongs. Mens thong underwear is a sexy style that comes with less fabric and more exposure. This pair offers more exposure due to its skinny design.

If you are a confident man and come with an attitude of” I can rock any style” then no matter whether you pick lace or polyester thongs, you will surely look good in it. And when you own this sexy male underwear with such a positive attitude, women would love to see you in thongs. This was about women, but what do men feel about thongs? Do they prefer wearing it?

Daniel Alexander DAK056 men in thong panties
Image Source: Mensuas

In search of the answer, I went through the Internet and came to know that, although men shouldn’t wear G-string as the style is not healthy, but some men love thongs. They feel more comfortable and free in thongs.

If you ask my opinion on this, honestly, I would love my better half to be dressed in thongs. Pouch Thong Underwear or lacy thongs, everything works for me. When I see my partner in male thongs;

It turns me on

My partner usually prefers wearing men’s underwear styles like briefs and boxer briefs. Though I like those styles on my partner as well because he has a great physique and when he wore briefs or boxer briefs, his physique gets more enhanced.

Agacio AGG042 Visual Boxer Brief men in thong panties
Image Source: Mensuas

A great physique is another reason why I wish my partner give thongs at least a shot. Male Thongs are comfortable and look even better on men with toned thighs and butt. Moreover, the lightweight feature of this style gives great breathability and I am sure his manhood will remain safe and sound.

There are specific styles of thongs that I have in my mind and wish my partner someday wear them;

  • Good Devil GDK055 Erotic Sexy Thong
  • Cover Male CMK061 Fuck me, Thong

For me, male thongs are a symbol of sexiness

If you give a choice between g-string underwear and men’s thong, thong would be my first choice because I feel this style enhances your features without making you uncomfortable. And I know my better half, he would never try a style in which he has to compromise with comfort. Hence, I have to see him in boxers most of the time.

Good Devil GDK053 Steel Ring men in thong panties?
Image Source: Mensuas

Mens thong ensures that your personality comes with comfortable clothes that touch the five senses and appeal to the eyes. First impressions are important, and for women who prefer men with laces, first impressions are amazing and dazzling.

Enjoy roleplay more

Just like men love to watch their better half in sexy lingerie, so do women and there is nothing wrong right. After all, women do have desires and fantasies. I am just assuming because I never had a girlfriend. After all, I am gay. If my partner wears something like Mens Mesh Thong during roleplay, it will make me more than happy and it’s not like I haven’t tried convincing him.

Feel FEK026 Mesh Side men in thong panties
Image Source: Mensuas

The construction of this male lingerie is extremely appealing to the eyes without letting other people compromise with comfort and support factors. In case you are looking for male thongs for roleplay and sexual intercourse, ensure you pick the ones in sheer, mesh and lace fabric as these fabrics enhance the look of the style better. Make sure you look for pairs in red and black color.

A few days ago, I read somewhere that” when you can’t have fun literally, all you can do is a fantasy about that scenario and have fun thinking about it”. Hence, this is something which I usually do. I imagine David( my boyfriend) in sexy Kyle KLK020 Cusco Thong and become happy. But you don’t do that, give this sexy male lingerie a shot. Believe me, you will love it.

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