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Kim Jones Top Five Looks From Dior FW22 to rock with men’s jockstrap

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

Kim Jones, the British menswear designer, revealed the key looks from his brand new collection for the Parisian powerhouse.

Kim Jones is famous in the fashion industry as he has worked with high-profile fashion brands such as Dunhill, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen, Hugo Boss, etc. In January 2018, he exited his role as men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton after revolutionizing the house’s menswear providing with a distinctive as well as streetwear-inflected take on luxury. In March 2018, Jones would be joining Dior as artistic director, this news was all around and in June 2018, he came up with his first collection.

Kim Jones decided to go it alone for his AW22 menswear collection and we have to admit, all are tremendous. All the attires are expertly styled by Melanie Ward. Jones’ latest collection was ultra-elegant, dense in texture and rich in easy-wearing pieces doused in a specific brand of drapey. Jones has picked his favorite five looks from the new collection and trust us, they are all fab and in Jones’s words, “personal fave”.

Kim has picked his favorite five looks from the new collection and trust us, they are all fab and in Jones’s words, “personal fave”.

Attire 1: Backless in black

Back-to-front John Galliano tux serving Celine Dion at the 1999 Academy Awards. Kim has paired this ultra-chic backless sweater with a pair of tonal fluid trousers. He further draped like apair of couture gowns. Not to forget, Kim has even added jewel-encrusted black leather derbies.

Backless in black with men's jockstrap
Image Source: GQ Magazine

The entire outfit demands confidence and for that, you need to feel alright from within. Therefore, wearing a pair of men’s jockstrap is a great idea as it offers extra comfort. The elastic straps at the back will even enhance your profile 10 times better than men’s boxers. So when you are alright from inside and outside, naturally you will feel more confident.

Attire 2: Hell for leather

This attire includes Dior’s trademark “Cannage” quilt stitching. Cannage quilt stitching is mostly found on women’s handbags and the black leather raincoat looks stunning. The black leather raincoat is purely a work of art. Kim has teamed it with cuffed tailored complimentary charcoal pants.

Hell for leather with men's jockstrap
Image Source: GQ Magazine

Every attire is unique and it’s important to wear it with confidence. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the kind of underwear you are wearing. Men’s Jockstraps is what you need. The pouch element in this style keeps your manhood protected. The skinny silhouette of the jockstrap allows you to move freely.

Attire 3: Coat ‘n’ clogs

Looking at the Coat ‘n’ clogs attire, we have to appreciate Kim’s creativity. Jones’ felt-osh clogs- are designed in collaboration with Birkenstock. This comes embroidered with floral motifs which is Dior’s house staple and, in every fashion’s, current high-low mood, it fits neatly. The combination of a neat taupe Caban jacket and grey track pants makes this a great outfit.

Coat 'n' clogs with men's jockstrap
Image Source: GQ Magazine

To look more confident, switch to jockstrap for men. Let’s be honest, looking at the outfit, you need to carry confidence. When you opt for underwear styles like men’s jockstrap, your features get pumped. You don’t have to adjust it every time you move, it fits you so well.

Attire 4: All about the drape

Kim Jones has come up with the “Taileur Oblique” couture-cut inspired suit. The attire even includes a duck egg blue blazer teamed up with a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Oversized shirt and tuxedo trousers complete the entire look.

All about the drape with men's jockstrap
Image Source: GQ Magazine

The entire look is easy to carry and comfortable as well. Things become better when you wear the right kind of underwear. Hence, opt for men’s jockstrap.

Attire 5: Back to school

Back to school is our second favorite attire after “ALL ABOUT DRAPE”. The designer has perfectly created a balance in the outfit. This intricately embroidered lily of the valley couture bomber jacket is the center of attraction. Thanks to Kim, who kept the jacket center of attraction by not overdoing it with other clothing. As a result, he has paired the jacket with baggy cashmere sweatpants, and jazz clogs.

Back to school  with men's jockstrap
Image Source: GQ Magazine

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