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New Launch: Timoteo Aero Sport Jockstrap

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Timoteo underwear is known for its best quality and fashionable styles. Having an ideal and agreeable pair of men’s underwear is important so as to convey forward your movement, subsequently, to assist you with the best pair of men’s underwear, Timoteo is the brand you should consider. There is no altering with your solace when you can have this men’s underwear brand and appreciate all your movement with no block. The adequate variations of men’s sexy underwear are there for you to locate your ideal pair. You can have any size and any decision still there will be numerous choices which would make you get more matches. The brand deals with your benefits and knows your requirements. Regardless of the skin type or the texture, you have been looking for, Timoteo underwear has everything.

About the brand

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About the style of mens jockstraps

Jockstraps for men from Timoteo accompany two lashes that go behind the butt which you won’t find in any other style. Additionally, men’s jockstraps sound reasonable for high-sway sports and gymming as it accompanies a gigantic insurance component. The motivation behind why this style for the most part lifts the bundle far up into the clouds from the body is for a cooler and dryer assets of yours.

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  • Designer Features: Timoteo logo repeating around waistband; mesh on the pouch
  • Pouch: Contoured mesh with center seam
  • Waistband: 1-1/2 inch wide
  • Leg-straps: 1 inch elastic
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low.
  • Imported


  • Small 29-30″
  • Medium 31-32″
  • Large 33-34″
  • X-Large 35-36″


  • Grey
  • Mint
  • White


The use of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex makes the variant an astonishing pair to be bought by the men who like to do physical activities and want free movements in their men’s underwear. This exclusive mix to the texture you’ll find only in Timoteo underwear which only cares about your looks and comfort. Your assets remain in a heavenly space once you slip into the Timoteo underwear styles. The mesh fabric is what adds exceptional comfort and breathability down there. It also offers visibility to your assets in order to help you get the best experience.

Why have this style?

You can have this style because no matter what your requirements are from men’s underwear, the top once remains that of comfort. Timoteo underwear takes great care about the comfort of your manhood. The mix of different fabrics makes it favorable enough to be the best partner wherever you wear them.

Where to wear it?

Gatherings are the most widely recognized method of commending any event. Regardless of whether it a local gathering or a special one, your mens underwear consistently keeps you prepared to flaunt your build. Wearing seductive underwear for men with an easygoing external dress is the pattern these days. 

Special time along with your accomplice causes you to feel near your accomplice and encourages you to share your sentiments. Timoteo underwear sets up the temperament when you intend to make the most of your night. There are men’s underwear variations that are loved by the female population more than the men. Consequently, for private occasions, underwear for men has various variations to introduce your masculinity consummately.



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