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New Launch: Looking For Smoothest Fit? Upgrade Your Closet With 2(X)ist Sliq Micro Brief

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The Highlights Of The Style 

Being a modern man, one should upgrade its closet with 2(X)ist Sliq Micro Brief underwear for men due to its amazing features. This pair of brief underwear is designed with seamless construction across the back hence men don’t have to get embarrassed due to underwear lines. Its snug-fitted feature offers the smoothest fit possible underneath clothing. This skinny pair of men’s brief is designed from superior quality fabric that makes it equally supportive and flexible providing ease of movement.

2(X)ist Sliq Micro Brief
Image Source: 2xist

Sliq Micro Brief underwear for men offers an elastic waistband with contrast trim. This brief underwear for men is low-rise underwear that comes with a contour pouch. The side seam of this male underwear is 3″. Sliq Micro Brief underwear for men includes an interior exposed elastic waistband and compression stitching on the gusset.

About The Brand

2(X)IST is known for designing underwear with superior fit, fashion, and performance functionality. Each underwear bears the 2(X)IST logo and has been created with a thought: What is this product’s reason to exist? 

2(X)IST as a brand is dedicated to a lifestyle that addresses the individuals who live unhesitatingly in their consistent life – the man and women who push limits and exceed limitations.

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About The Men’s Underwear

We recommend men to wear Sliq micro brief underwear for better comfort and fit. This low-rise men’s underwear comes with a seamless construction across the back. Men who have been craving for the smoothest fit must include this pair of men’s underwear. 

Mens Brief Underwear
Image Source: Instagram

Speaking about the waistband, it’s elastic and comes with contrast trim. For better support, designers have provided a contour pouch that offers a great shape with support. Sliq micro brief underwear for men includes a 3” side seam. Because this skinny pair of underwear has been designed out of premium quality fabric, the wearer gets great flexibility and movement. Men can consider wearing them for everyday activities. 

Unlike other pairs of male underwear, this can be machine washed.

Fabrics Used in 2(X)ist Sliq Micro Brief

92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

Colors available

Mixed Animal Print 





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