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Why saying goodbye to underwear is a “BAD IDEA”?

by loveforundies   ·  1 month ago  

Seriously? Are you planning to say goodbye to your men’s underwear? Are you sure about it? Because we are not sure about your protection factor. How much your manhood will remain safe and sound and how long, we are not sure about it. But what we are sure about is the discomfort which you will experience while working out and while in the office. 

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Going commando and the thought of going commando, both are liberating and comfortable. Though there are several men who prefer staying without underwear that’s not a healthy practice as it comes with a lot of risks. Wearing men’s underwear offer some incredible features and keeps your manhood safe and secure. This mens underwear blog will make you aware of those benefits.

Benefit 1: Keeps your outwear clean

All those men who are planning to ditch their underwear must ask this question first ” will your outwear remain clean”? if the answer is NO, then there is no point in not wearing your male underwear. Substances released from your body whether solid or liquid can definitely stain your clothes and your personality and this can be very embarrassing especially if you are in public and wearing light-colored clothing.

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Fortunately, your underwear acts as an additional layer of protection between your body and your clothes.

Benefit 2: Clothes can stay longer

One of the biggest advantages of wearing men’s undies is, you can enjoy your favorite clothes for a longer time period. You are well versed with a fact that our body produces sweat which can destroy your clothes easily. Wearing any pair of male underwear, whether briefs or boxer briefs for men, your groin area will remain sweat-free. This way your male underwear can remain safe for a longer period of time. 

Benefit 3: No more Chafing in Underwear

You know how terrible the situation of Chafing could be. For all those of you who are not aware of Chafing, it is a skin infection caused by sweating and skin abrasion. And this situation can be prevented by wearing your favorite style of underwear for men. Underclothing offers an extra layer of protection between your thighs. It also aids in the removal of sweat from your skin. Chafing is considerably reduced because of the protective layer and sweat absorbency.

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Benefit 4: No more stains with underclothes

Several outerwear items have dyes in them that might stain your skin. Although these colors are normally safe, some people are allergic to them. In these instances, sensitive areas are more likely to be harmed. Furthermore, correctly removing these dyes from your skin might be a pain. The use of underpants can assist reduce staining of the groin area. Moreover, wearing underclothes can helps your skin remain safe and saves you the time and effort of cleaning up.

Mens Sexy Underwear

Now, the biggest advantage of wearing mens underwear which some of you might not get as you don’t prefer wearing underwear is 


Injuries and infections are always problematic regardless of the type and area. The situation gets worse when you have sensitive skin. This is the primary reason why underwear is crucial in preventing these from happening. Infections are caused because of improper hygiene or exposure to outside elements. Therefore, it’s essential to wear boxer briefs or men’s brief underwear made out of breathable fabrics, and that you change underwear often. On the other hand, wearing male underclothes can keep your private parts safe from the damage caused by impact forces as they keep your private parts the place. Therefore, saying goodbye to underwear is a bad idea. 

How to decide the right pair of underwear?

Whenever it’s about getting the right pair of men’s underwear for you, make sure you know your needs. Briefs for men are best considered for support and for men with an active lifestyle. On the other hand, boxer shorts for men are shorts worn as an undergarment. This style is loose and quite comfortable. Snug-fit but comfortable is what defines boxer briefs. This pair of underwear is a combination of two different styles, male briefs, and boxers for men. 

Jockstrap for men sounds perfect for your workout sessions. Now, it’s your call to decide what you want. 

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