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Underwear Review: Baskit Billy Boy Mens Boxer Brief

by loveforundies   ·  2 months ago  

Features that make mens boxer brief a must-have

The Billy Boy Boxer Brief pair is very agreeable, both regarding the fit and texture. The fit was directly in that sweet spot among cozy and loose, and not at all like huge numbers of the “mens boxer briefs“. It’s attempted that this pair of “mens underwear” didn’t ride up at all through the span of a difficult day. It is likewise enjoyable that the legs on this pair are quite long, resisting the pattern in the normal mens boxer briefs to make you feel more confident about your personality. As far as the texture, the cotton-elastane mix is incredibly delicate in this “mens underwear style”. If you are keen to know more about it then see this Instagram post and know how alluring this “mens lingerie” will look on you. Check here:

Some detailed features of “mens boxer brief” is given below:

Pouch: Contour

Rise: Regular

Coverage: Full

Fit: Relaxed

Waistband: About average thickness with in the same color with Baskit branding in white

Fabric: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

Why have this mens thong underwear?

You should certainly have this “boxer brief underwear for men” for it is:




Suitable for any occasion

Why you shouldn’t have this mens underwear?

For some men who like to expose all that they have, won’t like the coverage that this “mens boxer brief” offers. It is always advised to wash your pair of “mens lingerie” so as to avoid the infections that can accompany a dirty pair.

Another problem that can occur is that of the size and issues like rashes, redness, etc. This can be avoided by choosing the perfect fabric and size according to your needs.

About the brand

Baskitwear first presented a seductive pouch in “mens underwear style” in 2000, and when the brand reacted to famous interest and chose to present another sexy pouch assortment, it led to the enhancement of its fame. Baskitwear’s Billy Boy assortment of “mens underwear” conveys astonishing quality, fit, and style all wrapped up with a premium pouch option, so you’re secured once you choose the best “mens underwear brand” like Baskitwear. This brand is highly known for its pouch alternatives and is bringing forward new plans always to satisfy its customers.

underwear for men

Image source: Whitey Tighties


Oisín O’Neill

Product fitting

This “men’s boxer brief” fit comfortably below the belt and gives you the coverage all over your thighs. The elastic waistband helps in getting the pair to remain close to your body.

Best occasions

When you plan to relax at home

While spending private time with your partner

While working in the office

Fabric composition

96% Cotton/4% Elastane

Available sizes





Why would we recommend it?

We recommend these “boxer briefs for men” because every man needs to enhance their fashion in today’s world. This “men’s boxer brief” is the best variant to help you become a fashion influencer for many. This variant is certainly not like the old pairs of men’s boxer briefs.







Buy it here:

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