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Underwear Suggestion: Addicted Basic Jockstrap

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Addicted underwear is all that its buyers say, comfortable, supportive, and value for money. Addicted is an exceptionally trustable and broadly known site for men’s underwear. There are a ton of clients who put their trust in it when they need to purchase something new. So as to remain to their decision, Addicted introduces fresh debuts of men’s underwear styles to astound everybody. Men’s jockstraps from Addicted are highly trustable and can be the perfect partner for many men.

About the brand

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About the variant

The variation of men’s jockstraps liberally features the manliness and benevolently satisfies the sense. The exercise goes with early morning runs to the activity meetings. It’s particularly intended for athletic characters. Regardless of whether on the football field or at the athletic office, men’s jockstrap underwear will guard and ruin the masculinity. The hot, scarcely there men’s underwear, will even go with for the night out. The respectable, yet preposterous jockstraps for men mean the style-forward profile on the uncommon events. 

The noteworthy back furnishes this vogue with attraction over the various men’s underwear styles. But, abundant help on the front makes it one of the principal extraordinary decisions for thorough physical action. Men’s jockstraps from Addicted are utilized for athletic activities and various other activities.


  • 3 Basic jockstraps VALUE PACK
  • Comes in 3 different color combinations
  • Designed & made in Barcelona


  • Extra-small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
  • Double extra large
  • Triple extra large


The fast-drying material of addictive underwear takes less time in maintenance. The fabric composition is 95% cotton and 5% lycra/spandex which makes it way more reliable than any other pair of mens underwear. There is no worn out of the fabric even after multiple washes and it accompanies durability.


The captivating structure and style of the men’s jockstraps particularly, identified with its pocket appearance, give you a manly and drawing in look. Their awesome nature and manly appearance of Addicted underwear gather them the fundamental decision of the male population. The upliftment of the manliness is the thing that men’s jockstrap underwear urges you to upgrade the manly thought of your character. The upliftment that they understand, enhances your lower half to grab the attention even from inside the pants. 

By embeddings, your masculinity at a raised position, jockstrap for men guarantees that you just don’t go up against any downside of scratched spot or delicacy. These are the primary customary issues that men face due to the perspiring and wrong size of their attire. Jockstrap underwear for men ensures that you don’t confront any trouble while conveying them for help.

Follow the models here:


  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red

Companion for various occasions 

Jockstrap underwear for men is the best accomplice for certain people. Instead of past utilization of it for sports purposes, jockstraps for men is currently being utilized for different other exceptional events. It is made to help each external dress and shield you from the embarrassment of unexpected shows. Undoubtedly, even while placing assets into private time with your accomplice, you find different assortments of mens jockstraps there for your help. It remains there underneath offering all of the cutoff points it has.

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