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Underwear Motivation: This Cover Male bikini underwear is worth admiring

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago  

Image Source: Cover Male

Highlights of the male bikini

If you are bored with the same monotonous tasks of your life, why not try the bikini for men? We live in a world where bikinis are only for women, but in this case, Covermale has launched new and spectacular men’s bikini to add a little bit of crispness to your wardrobe. Back in 5600 BC when the invention of the bikini took place, this made it cleared that the bikini thing was not only for women but men desired them too. The hot underwear for men is different than the other variety of underwear styles for men in terms of both quality and fashion giving you the opportunity to show your charm to the world.

About the brand

As the industry is transforming and every year thousands of products are launched by different brands just to make sure that the male needs are fulfilled. However, this time Covermale is that torch bearer that won’t let you down! As this brand is inspired from the conventional undies and what actually can they be transformed into. This what makes the Covermale a bit different from the other brands and this brand is here to stay. With the biggest collection of male bikinis, you can never go wrong in selecting the one that would blow your partners mind.

mens sexy bikini

About the mens micro bikini

Covermale presents you the micro bikini for men that is different from all the male underwear styles, taking away all your doubts and supports in the actual way that is needed. Men’s bikini offers a great level of comfort due to its exotic construction and also provides breathability along with the looks.

Not to be confused with women’s bikini, the design of this bikini for men is an ultimate piece of art in terms of comfort and sexiness. At the front, you have a pouch that gives support to your tool and not let it move like a pendulum! As this pouch is constructed with elasticity so you need not worry about the movement of your assets. Other than the pouch, this sexy underwear for men also offers elastic bands that work as a waistband and assist your genitals. The strings wrap around your waistband and manage your entire men’s bikini set.

Fabric Used

The fabric used in the hot underwear for men depends on the type of skin every man has, so you can rely upon the product easily. If we talk about the composition of the fabric, the fabric used is made of polyamide and spandex again a high-quality fabric material taking care of your skin and shape.

Colors used

Getting the best fit with the right color option is a huge task but when Covermale is here so you need not worry about these things and get back to the track of choosing the hot underwear for men.

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Royal blue
mens sexy bikini underwear

Size available

With the right size of men’s bikini, you can flaunt your sexiness and become the center of the stage. Here are four sizes available for you, choose your perfect size, and let the micro bikini for men do wonders for you.

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)


Be stunned, as this bad boy from Covermale has got you covered in just $15.31.

Buy it here

Grab your phone and head over to this link to buy exotic underwear for men.

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