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Underwear Motivation: Modus Vivendi New Fall/Winter Men’s Underwear Collection

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Modus Vivendi yet again embraces diversity and invites you to come closer with the fashionable, fetish, and luxury versions of yourself. A colorful array of mens underwear designs manufactured to indulge your senses with universally flattering shades that never get old.

Born for the connoisseur, styles for the curious, ready for everywhere you go the Fall Winter 2020-2021 Collection from the best mens underwear brand Modus Vivendi allows the expressions of your true colors and tastes. Natural fabrics are mixed with refined elements, such as sheer details, sensual fishnet, and laces, leather look fabrics, smooth knits and modern accessories: looks for the playful, colorful, and courageous. The New Fall Winter collection comprises of mens underwear, sportswear, street wear, loungewear, and accessories.

Main features

Wrap your body with the New Fall Winter collection of mens underwear and move elegantly with luxurious warmth though the winter season. Inspired by the simplicity of nature and the serenity of isolation this collection from the best mens underwear brand will take you places through the feeling it creates on your skin. Indulge your senses with the warmth of the sun, the air, the water, the soil that surrounds you as if you were in dream. Let these mens underwear styles embrace you while you are busy enjoying your time. The New Fall Winter collection comprises of mens jockstraps, mens briefs, shorts, sleeveless, Greensleeves, robes, shirts, and pants. If you want to know more about this collection of Modus Vivendi underwear then look at these Instagram posts:

Some additional information regarding this Modus Vivendi series:

Layered pouch for more freedom and comfort

Gives boost and extra support without being restrictive

Different designs to fit your fashion

About the brand

Modus Vivendi is more than your typical mens underwear brand. It’s serious, inventive, and creative. With a strong use of hues, developments, and even shapes, Modus Vivendi offers something not normally found in men’s underwear. Modus Vivendi came in like a legend, getting a handle on both masculine style and contemporary to intend to make something new and phenomenal. Modus Vivendi underwear uses intriguing and consistent features in the pocket for an ensured fit with an overhauling, trademark lift. Modus Vivendi’s mens lingerie also gets a handle on solid hues and styles, using fabulous prints that will grab the attention in a flash.


Jake Hobbs

Frank Martins

Darién J Theller












What do we like?

What we like about this male underwear collection from Modus Vivendi is the sexiness, the pouch enhancing underwear front, the colorful print, and many more advantages that it all offers. The skimpy appeal without lacking the support; and the slim design is what makes this New Fall Winter collection a must-have. If you want to know more about the collection then check out the Instagram post:

What can be the problem?

The only problem that we could think of is that of the incorrect size which depends on your choice.


$26.60 – $133.00

Buy it here:

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