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A lot of brands out of South America can be skimpy and are crafted for a pretty bold guy, in the case of Bakhou, their lingerie and clothing section include styles of men’s underwear which are more classic that means, whether you pick boxer briefs for men or briefs they include classic cut. Neither they are skimpy on an extreme level nor too plain to look boring, even their classic pair of briefs are blessed with great patterns. Speaking about the patterns, they range from black/white to bright and vivid colors. Also, they make a great contrast to the classic pairs.

The biggest advantage which one receives in Bakhou’s underwear range is their waistband which comes with such great grip that it stays on your waistband till the time your resources are placed inside it. At Bakhou, designers play with waistbands as well therefore you will find lingerie with a sporty waistbelt, few in casuals, and so on.

Men who prefer wearing men’s bikini, male jocks, or thong underwear over boxers and male briefs, we would suggest you prefer other websites for that as Bakhou is more into a classic over funky designed male lingerie. They offer a wonderful collection of I think they have briefs and boxer briefs for men.

To grab one for yourself, visit Bakhou’s official website.







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