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Underwear Motivation: Addicted Spike Swim Brief

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Addicted is the mens underwear brand that was established in 2009 in Barcelona, committing itself to the plan, it assembles and offers men’s swimwear. In a genuinely short measure of time, the brand experienced quick development, supported by the trust of the buyers it made its name in the men’s underwear industry.

For a couple of years at this point, Addicted has not exclusively been planning swimwear, yet has additionally been extending its assortment. Consistently new male underwear, men’s swimwear, and athletic apparel ranges are introduced. These days, Addicted is a model brand inside men’s underwear style, and all the more explicitly, inside the male population which chooses to put trust in their underneath style.

mens swim brief

Picture Credit: Addicted

What’s best about the brand Addicted?

Addicted leave, not a single place for you to regret its variant. It has all the variants pre-tested for its customers to easily put their trust in any of the mens underwear styles they choose. The major roled played by the Addicted underwear in a man’s life is that of comfort. Mens underwear from Addicted never fails to support its wearer and brings forward a new definition of style combined with comfort. One of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind is the shape and the cut. It depends on you and your choice of how you feel about Addicted underwear.

About the variant of mens swim brief

Swim briefs for men are additionally considered in the variation of mens hot underwear. They are utilized for tempting purposes and can be an ideal friend when you need inclusion underneath. Variants of mens briefs from Addicted are an ideal decision if you are an individual who needs to update your style and still wishes to keep things secured down there. This variant from men’s underwear brand Addicted is favored by a large portion of the male population as they are smart yet steady. You cannot step away once you slip into this pair of mens brief underwear which can be an ideal partner for swimming purposes. This Spike swim brief feels heavenly down there no matter how much physical movements you do in the pool.

Main features

  • Spike swim brief
  • Combined with a contrasting color across the front top
  • A vertical contrasting line on the front
  • The front middle section of the waistband in contrast with the lace
  • AD silicone logo on the front
  • Pack-up technology (removable)
  • 80% polyamide 20% elastane
  • Designed and made in Barcelona
underwear for men

Picture Credit: Topgay






Extra large

Double extra large

Triple extra large


Navy blue


Royal blue

What do we like?

All the variants from Addicted are top-notch and especially this mens brief underwear. See the Twitter post where the models look fascinating and stylish. Check here:



Buy it here:

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